Thank you for being here. My name is Kim Knoppers. Next to many other things in life I am an art historian working as a writer, lecturer and curator. I am based in Selçuk, Turkey where I immerse myself in the flora and fauna of the ancient land- and seascape of ancient Ephesus as often as possible 🌿🌊🐢🌍💫. My other home is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently I am working on several projects in Greece, Albania, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Turkey.

Between 2011 and 2021 I worked as a curator at Foam, photography museum in Amsterdam at the intersection of photography and disciplines like sculpture, video, painting and performance. In addition to contemporary photography, I also studied the origin of the medium in several exhibitions and essays. Since 2005 I have been collaborating with many cultural institutions, NGO’s and artists as Kim Knoppers Cultural Projects. I started my career as a curator for De Beyerd, center for modern and contemporary art in Breda, The Netherlands.

I appreciate writing because the act of it helps to see things more clearly. It is also a tool that allows me to explore my enormous curiosity. My style is characterized by an essayistic but associative tone of voice. Over the years I contributed to many exhibition cahiers, catalogs and artist books, and to magazines such as Foam Magazine, Camera Austria, Unseen Magazine and Aperture Magazine. I am a lecturer at MA Photography at ECAL in Lausanne where I initiated and developed the course Do Not Disturb— Curating in Progress.

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Ara Güler – A Play of Light and Shadow

Essay ‘Sun Rises with Civilizations: Ara Güler’s Search for Turkey’s Archaeological Heritage’, pp. 104 – 117 in Ara Güler – […]  >>>

Mondriaan Fonds. Acht auteurs over de ontwikkeling van de fotografie binnen de beeldende kunst

Kim Knoppers, ‘Kan fotografie ons redden. Fotografie in Nederland ten tijde van de klimaatcrisis’, in: Milo Vermeire (ed.). Scherpstellen, 2023, […]  >>>

Alexander Basile, SSZ Sued 2011 -2017

Essay: Kim Knoppers,  ‘Das Ende – Oder Gedanken darüber wie man Dinge beendet’, p.304-306, in: Alexander Basile, SSZ Sued 2011 […]  >>>

Foam Magazine #62 – Replica, Ekin Özbiçer

‘I stayed at the Kremlin Palace and spent a whole day in Amsterdam’. Foam Magazine #62 – m/otherlands Open PDF […]  >>>

Foam Magazine # 61 – Home-Leaving One for Another, Olgaç Bozalp

Foam Magazine #61 – Talent issue 2022 Open PDF FM61_Talent_OlgaçBozalp    >>>

Foam Magazine #59 – Modular Artefacts, Mammoth Remains. Giovanna Petrocchi

Foam Magazine #59 -Histories, 2021 Open PDF Pages from 41-013 FM59_Petrocchi_Knoppers    >>>

Foam Magazine #58 – Extendable Ears. Sheng-Wen Lo

Foam Magazine #58 – Talent issue 2021 Open PDF FM58_Sheng_Wen_Lo      >>>